Specialist Teaching Service based in Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Hi, I’m Jean and welcome to my website!

Based in Dalkey in South County Dublin, I provide individualised teaching sessions for children and young adults, with a wide range of learning needs.

Supporting students during the coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge, but by keeping students engaged, and using flexible teaching methods, it is a challenge that we have successfully overcome together.

Yes, learning remains central, but student safety and well-being are also priorities. Using the medium of remote teaching, I have continued to work successfully and safely with all of my students. They have all worked really well and have maintained steady progress. And somewhat to our surprise, many have even developed new, previously unrealised potentials – a great achievement in these difficult times!

Remote working with students, using video platforms such as Zoom, Facetime and others, has opened exciting new possibilities for learning, for us all. As well as continuing my work locally, I am now teaching students who live further afield, sometimes miles away, and even in other countries. It is such a pleasure!

Key Aspects of my approach:

flowerA positive, encouraging approach that restores and facilitates the student’s self-confidence, motivation and self-belief

flowerPlanned, evidence-based, teaching interventions based on the student’s individual learning needs

flowerCollaborative working with parents, including regular feedback and reviews of progress

flowerCollaborative working with teachers, educational psychologists, speech and language therapists and other professionals