“Jean has been teaching my son for the past 3 years after being diagnosed with dyslexia at the end of 2nd class. Throughout that time I have watched him blossom both academically and personally and he is now in 6th class. Having developed a genuine love of reading, his confidence and self esteem have grown wonderfully. His reading skills, developed with Jean, have enabled him to satisfy his naturally inquisitive mind and his love of learning in a whole new world of books. My son’s performance in the school system has improved immensely and he now can reach his natural potential with continuous support. I am a lecturer in a college myself and I come across many students who have dyslexia (perhaps diagnosed quite late) but who did not receive the support they deserved throughout the educational system. I feel Jean has given my son an amazing grounding with problem solving strategies to move on confidently with his education. These strategies have ranged from helping him with both reading and essay writing as well as organisational and study skills. My son adores Jean and has always said from the time he first met her, that she was the kindest teacher he had ever had. It has been really wonderful to watch his self esteem grow as he has begun to finally believe in himself academically and to fulfil his own potential as he moves forward with confidence to secondary school. Thank you Jean for all your support.”


“We engaged Jean to provide support for our son (12) once a week after school. Our son is Dyslexic and attended a reading school for two years prior to going back into main stream. Jean’s gentle but professional approach focused on areas he struggled with. Jean tailored the support to include his strengths and interests. Most importantly she was extremely positive and instrumental in building our son’s confidence to approach things that he would have previously found daunting. I am most happy to endorse Jean’s work.”

Fiona, Blackrock