My teaching interventions with students are based on tests that I carry out to identify their learning needs. This is combined with information from parents and reports from other professionals, when these are available. This provides the starting point and a basis for planning our work together. Then, on an ongoing basis, I monitor the students progress, discuss this with their parents and adjust the programme accordingly.

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Teaching Interventions

All interventions are individualised, based on each student’s learning needs. I provide one-to-one teaching sessions that are one hour long, and these are usually scheduled for a fixed time, each week, during term time. I encourage parents, especially at the beginning or whenever they have the time, to sit in and observe the work I am doing with their child, as their understanding and appreciation of the process will facilitate their child’s development.

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Study Skills

Study skills come into their own in Secondary school but their foundations are laid in Primary school. In an age appropriate way, I teach children how to be more organised, efficient and independent in the way they complete their homework and studies. The emphasis is on developing good work habits, and employing techniques that facilitate understanding and later recall, e.g. in exams. This is achieved within the context of a reduced level of stress, and a healthy work/leisure balance.

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Support to Parents

Mothers and fathers make a significant contribution to their children’s development, especially when they are relatively young. However, with many demands on their time, parents sometimes struggle to get the balance right. The support provided to parents includes an opportunity to stand back to examine priorities, and then exploring practical strategies that can be incorporated into everyday family life, that should ensure that your child is happier, while also helping them achieve their goals.